What is the Earth Summit?

Having the 9th Earth Summit: The Opening Speech by Isadon

Hello, everyone! We have just begun the 9th Earth Summit today. Now, various issues have been occurring in the world. In order to seek a new way of life for the era to come, the 1st Earth Summit was held at the Konohana Family in September, 2010. University professors, company owners, doctors, politicians, lawyers, and religious people participated at that time. When I called the Earth Summit in the beginning, I called mainly those who were considered to be successful in the current era. That is because they were people who created the current society and live richly, and thusly receive that benefit. However, that abundance is originally for everyone. Therefore, I thought it is rich people that should live for the society. Also, I wanted to suggest the way of life where people return the wealth to the society and depart for the next stage proudly, when they face the end of their life. Therefore, under such a calling, various kinds of successful people gathered here. However, the base of such people was the thought of “I want to be richer.” Then, I came to the understanding that a social revolutionary movement where such people release their wealth and return it to everyone would not spread so easily.

After that, some university students became impressed by adults who were talking about the society very seriously and they set up the “Youth Vision Summit” in May 2012. At the 5th Summit held in November 2012, the “Youth Vision Summit” was integrated into the Earth Summit, which went beyond the frames of generations. From the 7th Earth Summit on, like-minded people who resonated with the Konohana way of life, which focuses on enhancing spirituality, started to organize the Summit mainly. Moreover, a wide range of participants from high school students to people in their 70s came to gather, and the diversity has increased. Now, we are facing the 9th Earth Summit today, through the meeting of various kinds of people.

I have realized one thing. That is the Earth Summit should be the place where anyone that has a will to seriously consider what to do in this era can gather regardless of age, gender, nationality and socioeconomic gap. In addition, I feel this activity should spread more as a global movement from now on. It is such a small spiral right now, but in a true meaning, the spiral of the Earth Summit is about to begin finally. Let’s look at the future of humans and spread the “Wotona Summit Declaration,” standing at the universal viewpoint.

What are we humans? Once we are born, first we recognize ourselves. Next, we recognize ourselves in our family, then we come to recognize ourselves in the society. Moreover, we recognize ourselves as humans and earth-dwelling beings. If we belong to the Earth, we belong to the solar system and, of course, the galaxy at the same time. This means we are one in the whole universe.

We are alive. In order to be alive, first of all, we need to breathe air. Then, we need food. Food comes from the Earth. If so, we are food and the Earth. Food is nurtured by the Earth and in order for food to grow on Earth, the light of the sun is necessary. In addition, the sun creates wind and rain, circulates air, nurtures plants, and creates soil. Our life is supported in such a natural circulation. When we look around, various kinds of plants and animals exist. In fact, it is said that as many as 2.8 million species of infinite living beings exist on Earth.

However, when we live every day subjectively with a partial consciousness of ego, it would be difficult to have an awareness that our life is supported in such a circulation of global ecosystem and even the universe. Nevertheless, any existence in this world plays a role and consists as a part of this entire world. Just as about 60 trillion cells and infinite particles compose our body, the Earth and the universe exist with exactly the same structure.

However, in reality, we humans make conflicts among the same species. Tracing our nature biologically, we can clearly understand that we are a part of one life network and one species that plays the same role together. Moreover, humans are the most special and capable out of all living beings on Earth. If we explored that such a life form like humans existed in the universe, most likely, we will find that no other exists. Humans are precious beings even in the universe, with the most special and highest abilities. Now, such a special and capable being is making wars and conflicts among its same species. That is because we have a strong interest in gratifying our own desires, and are not really interested in the outside world. On top of that, we lack a broad worldview that can show us that we are a part of one big life network.

Science, physics and technology have been developed out of the Industrial Revolution, 250 years ago, from which the current era has been giving us a lot of knowledge and physical wealth. Although humans have utilized it and established an abundant era physically, such partial exploration does not bring true happiness for people. It is the same on the individual level. Many people live every day under their profits and losses. Above all, world leaders guiding the whole of humanity live for their national benefit and, as a matter of fact, this becomes the cause of various conflicts.

Now that we have entered the 21st century and have faced some great turning points, we need to carefully review again why we have reached such a current situation. Having the 9th Earth Summit today, we are going to suggest a holistic viewpoint, transcending the partial one which has been drowned in human ego.

The conscious level of each one of us determines the leaders of organizations which we belong to in society. If we live in a direction of ego, leaders will appear, representing our ego for sure. Therefore, we can say that confusion in the current society has been brought by the consciousness of people living there.

In order to get out of this confusion and face a new era, the time has arrived when common people, who are cells consisting of the global life network, will wake up and think about how to manage this world. It is the beginning of an era when each one of us will become awakened. If such a network of awakening spreads in the world, a peaceful world, where all the people are equal, will naturally prevail on Earth.

It is still a very small movement, but let’s spread this important message for humans who are awaking in this world together. I always think like this and would like to proceed with the Earth Summit, hoping that the number of people who think this way will increase, even one more person in the future.