Spreading the “Wotona Summit Declaration”

The Era of Awakening for Each one of Us

Each year Konohana Family gives an annual theme, and this past year it was the “Departure of the Vessel”. This means that the vessel of Konohana Family has departed for a new port, shifting with the expression of the era and its way of living. The driving force for the vessel is the wind of the era. We have proceeded as the wind of the era blows. Therefore, the Konohana members have always sensed the social situation carefully. This year especially marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War Ⅱ. With such significance of meaning, we have analyzed not only the current social situation, but the flow after the war and confirmed how the era will go. Moreover, we became aware of the cycle of human civilization, the history of the Earth, and even the flow of the universe. That is because we are aware of how to harmonize with the era, transcending the frame of how Konohana Family should be and how individuals should live.

The keywords for a new year have come out in the beginning of the year so far, but it came to us already in the middle of September this year. The theme of the year, 2016 is “Transmission.” That is why a message such as the Earth Statement came down to us. We, Konohana members, do not live to enjoy our own abundant life. We always live observing the current era and being aware of what kind of lifestyle will be appropriate for humans in the next era. We have been living like this, and thusly will be the theme for all humans in the future.

When we live with era, there are mainly three groups of people: people who hold a foremost position, live at a middle position, and others who follow in the back. It is like a chunk when the era goes forward. If people’s values are diverse, it stretches wide and long. On the contrary, if the value is uniform, it condenses and moves forward as a chunk. For example, in the era when it proceeded as a small chunk a few decades ago, everyone lived the era, promoting war together. And now, it is proceeding as a long chunk with people who are aware of consciousness to face a new era, who are just observing the current situation and resist against the flow of the era. People have been attracted by material values and financial wealth for a while. At the same time, it was the era to greatly open the human possibility. However, when the era is about to shift, people’s values become diverse and broad. In that case, it is difficult for the whole humanity to become enlightened at once and create a new era. Then, it is the action of people like you, who have realized the change of the era that opens the door for a new era.

Most people feel it is like difficult to live and control their own desires both for the whole humanity and each individual. It seems to be impossible unless you reach superior enlightenment. However, a new era to come will begin only when each individual’s small spiritual revolution becomes linked and spreads. Therefore, if each one of you has determination and faith, anyone will be able to become a driving force for the new era.

Buddha, the founder of Buddhism reached enlightenment, but the enlightenment was not for Buddha. He did not reach enlightenment because he wanted to do so. That is, those who reached enlightenment became aware of the path for those who have not reached enlightenment yet. Therefore, as the phrase, “Buddha’s enlightenment is not for Buddha. It is for all sentient beings,” it is important to realize that if we face our issues and become awakened, the world will naturally change. So, our spiritual revolution will not be for our own sake in the future. To change ourselves is to live for the world and other people.

In order to do so, first we need to gain a broad worldview. Next, it is essential to know what spirituality we have, what position we are at, and what impacts we have made for this world. Moreover, self-revolution becomes necessary, depending on the content. In other words, the value of our own life is determined by the way we contribute to the world. Our daily life is a place to express that. People can get a lot of information in the current era, but many people do not match their thoughts and words with actions. Therefore, it is important to match them all clearly.

It becomes the foundation of the “Wotona Summit Declaration” to suggest such a way of living with the world as a model of humans for the 21st century. Therefore, please freely express your feeling and thoughts that have come out during the Summit and let’s create the “Wotona Summit Declaration” together. You might be just a common person, but please become aware of the fact that you have a high consciousness in terms of considering the future for humanity and the Earth.

We play a role of showing the modern society that a world like this is possible, through the Konohana living. On top of that, we explore the future possibility in our daily life, and convey the message. Now, many people have started to question the current society. Questioning it means changing the future that is given to you. And the fact that you are aware of it means YOU play the leading role in this world. Sharing and spreading such consciousness is important to explore the next era.