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To manifest a world without medication and hospitals (Awa-chan)


I go my own path with my own will in the great change of the era. My dream is to bring an evolution to the medical and welfare world to relieve the dependency on hospitals and medicine, and also for people to gather and create a place where their spirits lived full of joy by completely using my gifted talents.

You can change your spirit freely anytime even there is a limitation because of medication or your body. (Kitajun)


Penguins dive as a group in order to get their food, and the first penguin must risk its own life because there may be natural predators in the ocean. If the first one is safe, the second, the third and all others can dive in. Therefore, now, we are at the turning point of the era, and the people who take a role as the first penguin gather here at the Earth Summit. Are you afraid and hang back since you do not know what will be ahead of you, or do you dive in because you would like to know what is out there?

From the past and to the future, your being is only one in this universe. When you get out of the earth and see the earth from the universe, you will finally understand what is happening on the earth. Therefore, a change in one person will definitely change this world. Right now, from this moment, each one of our daily actions will create the future of the world.

Currently, I am on sick leave from my work since I strained my eyes. I think I participate in the Earth Summit as a representative of sick people and impaired people. I would like to convey a message to them, “you can change your spirit freely anytime even there is a limitation with your body.”

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Everything is made by one’s spirit. (Tohru)


I have worked in the agriculture industry. People say that agriculture is important, but the society is money oriented after all. There are many people who think something is wrong in society, but they do not have any way or idea of connecting to the next step. At that time, I met Konohana Family and learnt of the idea that, “Before cultivating your field, cultivate your spirit”.

“Everything is made by one’s spirit”. I totally agreed with this. The money orientation of society, wars, conflicts, and discrimination, all of these come from our spirits. We all have those inside of us, and cannot judge others for these. We are already one part of this earth. Peace and wars are one part of us. That is why I believe that it is the best opportunity for peace by looking into our own sprit and purifying it. I cultivate my spirit by wishing that the whole society will prioritize our spirits as important. In such a way, the path will open to peace.

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Cause gentle and beautiful ripples in the society (Sayopy)


I thought my life should be created by myself up to now. Therefore, when I faced some difficulties, I struggled by myself and blamed myself. I heard that I am supported by others many times and I thought I understood that in my head; however, it just did not sit right with me.
We watched the video, “Vortex” and the spiral movement of the stars were very unique compared to each other which was very interesting and beautiful. Only after participating in the Earth Summit I realized that everything has already been determined. I was wondering what I can do from the next moment and what I can start. I wanted to be a small stone that causes gentle and beautiful ripples in the society as Diah talked about. In order to be an influential being for the society by changing myself, I would like to be a small stone in my family in order to make my family happy. I feel that I live a courteous life with heart, and I also have a spirit to cook immaculate meals like the ones I have had here. The taste of the meals at the Konohana Family is cooked by people who have immaculate spirits. There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants, but Konohana Family’s meals are very pleasant.

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I began Kunitsukuri (Creating the earth) from “Hataraku (Make others comfortable)” (Satoko)


When I saw the leaflet of the Earth Summit at first, I could not make the decision to join or not since I have never thought about changing the world or seeing things from the universal point of view. However, the leaflet said that the targeted participants are basically all people, so I thought I would start something that I can do, and decided to join.

By looking at the current society and my daily life, I feel things are moving based on a loss and profit concept, and I felt the possibility of overcoming this situation when I resonated with a word in the Earth Summit. That was “Hataraku”, which comes from the Chinese character of “Hataraku” , and in Japanese this means “work.” However, the true meaning is “make others (Hata) comfortable (Raku).” That is working for each other and creating together. “Hataraku” means that I am not allowed to work in order to earn money for living, but as an opportunity. When I learned of the true meaning of “Hataraku” it was a really eye opening experience. I had not had such a previous understanding, so it was very refreshing experience, and I committed to work (“Hataraku”) for others in order to change myself.

I have never thought that I would change something, but I will begin to think and find what I can contribute to the world. Changing myself and giving a good influence as change for others will be “Kunitsukuri (creating the Earth)”, and I will live with that consciousness from now on.

The True Economy is Political more than just Politics (Muren)


People in the current era have forgotten the original way of living and have gone too far based on their desires. However, the conventional values have faced the turning point and Mother Nature is about to awake people with natural disasters. That is why natural disasters have occurred frequently on Earth and more disasters will come in the future. As a social model needed after humans become awakened, Konohana Family has already established its own system. I heard from a Mongolian teacher that the lifestyle of Konohana Family is in harmony with nature that is not only good for the Earth and the solar system, but also in order with the universe.

When I bring up such a topic, people tend to talk about economy. It is certain that having meals every day is necessary in our physical life. However, this topic is more like a different dimension, so we cannot consider them equally. I study material economy, but it is not a true economy. The true economy is more political than just politics and philosophical is more than just philosophy. However, the current economy is just the act of moving currency and that cannot be called economy.

That is why, we need to learn the ancient wisdom like the Katakamuna, which includes physics, astronomy and philosophy. When I talked with some Konohana Family members, a vision came up to me instantly. The vision is that the lifestyle of the Konohana Family will spread all over the world in the future. Then, I had a suggestion. I would like to establish a political and economic laboratory here at the Konohana Family. The spirituality based on the lifestyle of Konohana Family is truly important, but the system to explain it has not been established yet in the current society. Therefore, it is necessary to spread it academically in the political, economic and social fields. Konohana Family members are ones who practice it in their daily life, and the role of academics is to theorize it and spread it around the world. When people have to choose a new direction of living in the future, I would like to work to make this transition for humans go smoothly. Many people around the world will gather here from now on, and there are people who have no walls of the heart and are able to communicate with each other through their heart without explaining it with words.

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Be as a Stone that Makes Ripples in the Lake (Teia)


We came out of the darkness. We do not need to do anything to get out of the cocoon. It will open when the time is right. We cannot change one person or other people, but at the same time, we can change them by our own beauty. So, fly high, butterfly! Enjoy the warm bright sun and meet the colorful flowers. Make the whole garden beautiful.

As my dream, I would like to be a stone that makes ripples in the lake. Tomasu and I are starting a community in Bali, Indonesia, so it will be a very little stone that makes ripples in the society. I look forward to how we can continue to develop an international community of spiritual beings!

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Conscious revolution of each individual is needed (Shu-kun)


I still have a desire to fulfill my ego; however, I also seriously think what other important things are there. As an ex-nursery teacher, I had a strong desire to create a gentle world to children, and I am thinking about how to manifest that from now on. As a first step to achieve the goal, it is necessary to purify my own heart. By doing so, there should be something naturally gushing out from myself.

If human beings do not transform their values, the current environmental problems, medical problems, and any other problems on the Earth will not be solved. As for the education, the children in the next generation understand what issues are important and are born into them, so it is important to create the environment for them to achieve their roles. By contrary, education for the adults who create the current world is necessary. I feel connecting is important, and in order to connect to the next generation, a conscious evolution of each individual is needed.

I will be responsible to live my life in the way that allows my spirit to be happy. I always feel what kind of vibration I am releasing into my surroundings, the earth and the universe, and then I release beautiful vibration.

Released after a 250-year-value system from the industrial revolution (Kohtan)


I am a successful man in the current social framework, and also a representative of the people who do not easily believe in the invisible world. The purpose to join the Earth Summit is to become a believer in such a world. By joining the Summit, the values that I built with an effort up to now were just a part of a recent value system which has lasted for 250 years after the industrial revolution. That was shocking, but at the same time I was extremely pleased. Moreover, I have never thought that we live in the tens of thousands years of cycle.

The most impressed matters for me during the Summit was the children’s meeting of Konohana Family during the last night. A small boy reported that he accidentally stubbed his pencil to his classmate’s forehead. Amazingly, many adult members scolded him. If I did the same thing in my neighborhood, I could not live there anymore. That is not acceptable in the current Japanese social standards. Therefore, I definitely do not scold other people’s children since it will be a big trouble. However, which is abnormal? When I question to myself, the answer is very clear.

When I was a child, elders in my neighborhood often scolded me. However, the same thing is possible at the Konohana Family that is because they raise children with love. There is no lie in the pictures and poems of the children who grow in this environment. After my retirement, I would like to contribute myself to the world and people, but it will be a lie if I do not change from the present status. So, what can I do then? Probably, if I can have a sense not to separate myself from others whom I contribute to then I can do it naturally; because the other is myself. This place is a miraculous world for me, who has only thought of myself. It was such a big surprise to know these kind of people actually exist. Therefore, your being is one of the evidences necessary to remove my uneasiness.

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We Live in One Home of the Earth (Phra Sangkom)


As a Buddhist monk, I am not looking for enlightenment for myself. I hope that my father, mother and cousins will all live happily and become enlightened together with me. What can I do for them? First, I opened my own school to offer alternative education to teach to love the mother earth.

My house in Thailand is open for everyone. Peace, love and understanding: each happens when we eat, talk, laugh and love together. In order to heal the mother earth and this world, it is necessary that all people will be peaceful and communities like Konohana Family will be everywhere in the world.

Everyone! Please fly to Thailand! And stay with my family together. You do not have to worry about money. Just work and live together! The time has arrived when we will realize that we all live in one home called the “Earth.” We live under one sun, one earth, one water, one air and one wind.

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How Awesome it is to be Here on this Planet! (Chari)


Every morning is different. We are given a new morning every day. Becoming aware of the truth is the same as waking up every morning!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a super star. When I was in high school, I realized that it was not just about me. I wanted to figure out how to make the world better, and then in college I learned about environmentalism and heard about Konohana Family. Before coming here, I was really worried about this state of the earth such as various natural disasters and human conflicts. So, I dreamed of a lifestyle in harmony with nature and harmonious with each other. So I came to Konohana Family this time to see if such a community really exists. It is like my dream has come true!

We can create something! A poem, song, chant, picture that can remind people how awesome it is to be here on this planet. How amazing it is to be alive! And we can begin people’s day by reminding them who they are.

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I create the circle of Kunitsukuri (Creation of the Earth) from within me. (Kobi-chan)


Through the Earth Summit, I got impressed with the Universal Circulation Method that structuralizes Konohana Family with Medical Care, Agriculture, Food, Economy, Social, Education, Environment, and Art. As the center of the Universal Circulation Method is spirituality, I thought of what would be the vertical center of my spirit, then the words came to me, “Vibrate Together, Expand Together, and Create Together”. I would like to add curiosity to these words. Happily vibrate together, happily expand together, and happily create together — these values as vertical center, I swear to my heart to act now.

When I thought if the vertical axis is the above, what would be the horizontal axis to me, and then, the diagram of the Universal Circulation Method came to my mind. Since I lost my health, I am interested in Medical Care, and currently I think it would be great to convey what I learned through the experience of me disease and my experience from the messages I have received from others. That is connected to Agriculture, and what creates my body is Food, and I asked myself “what would be healthy foods, since I lost my health”. I came to Konohana Family since I was connected to Natural Farming, therefore, I felt that I could pass on the healthy dietary habits to others.

When I see this Method this way, the Universal Circulation Method is a system that connects everything. In the sense of Economy, people earn money in order to make connections to others, and Society is also living to create the circulation of “Kunitsukuri”. Moreover, when we connect Education to the Environment, we can teach harmony based on Nature as a textbook and also express the beauty of nature as Art. This circulation becomes my horizontal axis, and that is the correct way I feel to live my life.

Manifesting an International Spiritual Network (Tomasu)


I applaud the organizing committee and Isadon for offering us the opportunity to come together and expand our spiritual network! I experienced further affirmation of the roles in which we have to play and received further harmonization with our spiritual family on this monumental period in earth and human history.

I feel strongly compelled to formulate, teach, and research for the acculturation of katakamuna lifestyle in our spiritual community in Toua No Kuni (our spiritual community in Bali, Indonesia). I offer my spiritual commitment in manifesting a spiritual network of international katakamuna communities throughout the world. I will act on behalf of integration of the Eastern and Western cultures, making the most of my experiences of researching Transpersonal Psychology in the US in this enlightened era. I offer my spiritual, psychic, mindful, and physical capacities as a declaration of the earth summit.

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Human beings were given their life by the cycle of the stars (Ken-kun)


Human beings were given their life by the cycle of the stars. Even people insist, “This is my life!” it is only a mere influence from the activities of the stars, from the universal view point. Even right now, all of us are traveling in the universe together, and we are always changing. We do not travel to the same place again.

One year ago, I even did not think that I would be useful for others. I participated in the previous Earth Summit in January 2015, and since then I have lived just to be comfortable, honest, and to spend this moment preciously. I do not actually feel my spirit has improved, but surely the time has passed, I have changed and step forward.

People release their own vibration. Even right now in this moment, my vibration somewhat influences my surroundings. Therefore, I began to think that if I change and release that vibration, I can be useful for people around me. I tend to receive a result soon and to logically understand things since I am also a left-brain-oriented person. However, if I keep doing so, nothing will be absorbed. Therefore, I value honestly that I must “live this moment” from now on.

We live as a whole universal life system (Junzo)


How wonderful people talk about peace (creation of the Earth = “Kunitsukuri”) with diverse and multinational people! There are no boundaries. We are connected as the Earth Life System. This is the era to confirm that. Furthermore, we are actually connected to the universe itself. The era has come to confirm that we all live.

Change is wonderful. I enjoy seeing people changing. Therefore, I also grow together with others.

We Express the Time of the Galaxy (Steven)


We are all together in a ship. This ship has been sailing for a long, long, long time. And we got here today. Some of us stumbled in, some of us sailed in, and some of us flew in as I did from Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. But, we actually came to try to solve problems. We know that we have a problem on our hands. Not only is it an immediate problem, it is virtually an emergency. We also know that we have been through this before many times in our history. What we have to realize is that the consciousness we have today is the same consciousness that has carried us through from the beginning of time. So, this little now is the history of everything. Now, we have the opportunity to change the whole future.

American Indians said, “Time evolves.” The truth is that we are expression of the galactic time. Once you begin to look at things from the galactic perspective, you will begin to change your view of the mortal. So, what is happening to mankind is affecting all the creatures on the earth. An important fact related to our survival is that we have already been through many crises. And then, why cannot we survive this one that we are in right now? What is happening now in this emergent crisis is that we are all waking up. Everyone is awakening. It is an absolute fact because all things are connected. All people will wake up.

The era is surely facing the turning point. (Hasumi)

Today, I feel I have received the control stick of an air plane! When I pull the lever down, ego’s interest becomes dominant. However, when I pull the lever up to the universal awareness, where my peace is peace in the whole, and then the ego’s interest naturally vanishes. I have not had an awareness of the whole at all by now, when I pulled the lever to the universe, it does not move since it is rusted. However, there are pioneers such as Isadon and other Konohana members, so I will lubricate the lever with oil, and together with others, and make it move. That also means we have a connection.

The era is surely facing the turning point. However, that is not a transformation like an evolution by hard work. That is the conscious evolution of each individual, and it is a very gentle one. When you have a suitable and pure spirit, the era will put the suitable spirit to the body, and have it accomplish what needs to be done.

Journey together with everyone in the new era (Keigo)


My consciousness has expanded by joining the Earth Summit. However, in contrast, I was trapped by myself; therefore it is extremely important where my consciousness is at during each moment in my daily life. For example, where is my consciousness when I work in the nursing home for elders? I often think of the future a lot, when the moment my consciousness became expanded, I thought “Can I maintain this consciousness at my work tomorrow?” That is why I must be conscious now. Confirming where my consciousness is at each moment, and removing my biased frame. Sometime, it is done with a bit of courage, and sometime without emotion to see things objectively.

The will of the era is in the direction that is expanding human consciousness; however, human beings tend to move in a trapped direction. That is why we need to connect, confirm with each other and move forward together with the Sun to create a network and travel in the universe with Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Satan, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. I wish people in Japan and the world make a network around the Konohana Family, and take a journey together into the new era.

That start is this Earth Summit.