The Earth Statement

The Earth Statement was introduced at the beginning of the first day of the Earth Summit.

The Earth Statement is a gift from the times to all humans living on Earth. It has been brought down at the great turning points in terms of the history of humans, the Earth and the universe. This gift is for everyone, so please feel free to share this message with your family and friends.

The Earth Statement
“In order to bring true peace to the Earth”
August 15th, 2015

In order to bring true peace to the Earth, what is the thing we can do now? We can have a broad worldview and transcend the individual ego. When people are trapped in the narrow perspective of the ego, they start to sense a distance in others by differences. That is the beginning of conflicts and wars. However, the world where we exist is infinitely vast and consists of the network of various lives. That network of harmony is based on the fractal structure that the whole exists for the individual and the individual exists for the whole. When we recognize our existence this way, there are two viewpoints—a viewpoint of looking at the outside from inside of us and the other viewpoint of returning to our position from this world.

The truth of this world is that everything is ONE. Therefore, there is no boundary between everything else and ourselves. If people’s worldview expands in this matter, they do not have to be trapped in the ego, sense a distance in others by differences, nor make conflicts. Peace will naturally prevail on Earth without us trying to create a peaceful world.

There is a Chinese character of “Hataraku” in Japanese, which means “work.” However, the true meaning is “make others (Hata) comfortable (Raku).” Working means living in a sense, so living is playing a role in the network beyond us, and contributing to others and the world. Therefore, living is bringing peace to the world.

One of the reasons why human society cannot maintain peace is that people recognize the individual ego and insist on themselves. In the current society, nations prioritize national benefits and individuals prioritize their own benefits, so peace cannot be maintained, from big wars on the national level to small conflicts on the individual level.

The Earth consists of the network of life that sustains all living beings and connects them in a healthy manner. In order to do so, the law of the universe functions along with other planets. However, various contradictions are occurring on Earth right now. This situation will not bring peace to human society. Moreover, it causes the extinction of many living beings, so the environment goes from bad to worse. The cause is a narrow human worldview. Various issues occurring on Earth emerge from the human mind, which prioritizes the ego.

Looking at the history of the evolution of living beings on Earth, six great extinctions occurred in the past 600 million years. The previous extinction occurred about 65 million years ago and it is said that there is a possibility of another extinction of living beings in the near future. According to the statistics, we can say that we are going toward an extinction right now. Each extinction occurs due to a different reason. There is a real possibility that humans are bringing the next extinction by going out of control.

Looking back in history, the first living being was born on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. And our ancestor, Homo sapiens emerged only 200,000 years ago. This species was extremely capable, adaptable and special out of all living beings that has existed on Earth in the past. Their great ability has been proved by looking at the current world created by humans. In a sense, we humans are the masterpiece of all living beings on Earth. It is humans that have the highest ability and biggest influence of all the earth-dwelling creatures from the past to the present. However, the great human ability is like a double-edged sword. If people continue to use it for their egos, they might bring the next extinction. On the contrary, if they use it effectively, they have a possibility of bringing an advanced world, overcoming the extinction crisis that is occurring currently.

We have entered the 21st century and faced some great turning points. The sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy every 226,000,000 years and spirals about 9000 times in the interval. One spiral takes 25,800 years. We had the winter solstice of the galaxy in 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012 and shifted from the times of darkness and conflict to the times of light and harmony. Moreover, the Mayan calendar with the history of 13,000 years ended on that day. This means that the Mayan people who took over the civilization of TIME from the Mu continent, understood such a universal and solar structure already in the ancient times.

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And the Katakamuna people who took over the civilization of the soul of language from the Mu continent flourished in Asia and systematized the advanced cosmophysics. When we analyze the transition of civilizations on Earth from the Katakamana viewpoint, we are able to clearly recognize the cycle of emergence, development and disappearance of civilizations. And it matches perfectly with the modern cosmophysics and the astronomical observation data.

It is 12,900 years ago which is a half cycle of one solar spiral when the Katakamuna cosmophysics reached the peak. The summer solstice of the galaxy arrived 12,900 years ago and it was the peak of light from the universal viewpoint. Then, the Katakamuna civilization that reached the peak declined and the modern material civilization emerged 6450 years ago. It became the base of the current religions and the economic system. Therefore, the values of the modern society began 6450 years ago and has reached the peak now.

Furthermore, according to the ancient Chinese calendar, “the Blue Light Period”, during which kings governed the world began 6450 years ago. After the era of the kings ended, the next 3000 years was the era of the saints, called “the Red Light Period.” It was the era when people were guided by great saints. However, even though they were the same people, the gap between saints and people who were not awakened emerged at the same time. This has led to the modern system where religions govern the world. Ideologies such as capitalism and communism emerged from such a flow of the era. And people came to be commercialized by the model based on such a thought. In such an era, people lost their unique personality and happiness and values that people sought became unified, and the society lacking in diversity was created.

On December 21st, 2012, we had the winter solstice of the galaxy and passed the peak of darkness with the least amount of light in one solar spiral. It has been three years from the winter solstice of the galaxy. Therefore, we have entered the times when the light has started to shine from the peak of darkness. This darkness indicates the spiritual darkness. People cannot see the truth in the darkness, so things that they thought were right and took actions have brought confusion to the society. People have insisted upon themselves and made conflicts in order to seek their own happiness. As a result, the abundance that only some people receive has created the gap between the rich and the poor and has spread poverty and conflicts around the world. Because people had no other standard of the truth, their only choice was to keep that situation even though this led to suffering.

Symbolizing the era of darkness, the peak of one Pluto’s spiral came in 2008. In 2008, Pluto made a circuit of 248 years which led to the end of the Western material civilization that continued for 250 years from the Industrial Revolution. People have developed the Western science, physics and technology from the Industrial Revolution. On the one hand, people have achieved economic growth, on the other, the world population has increased explosively, ignoring the global environment. As a result, this has brought various issues on Earth. In a sense, the Western civilization has reached the peak. As a phrase, “Every tide has its ebb” describes, when the universe reaches its peak, it always declines.

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Now that the Western material civilization has reached its peak, the era has started when the Eastern spiritual civilization will blossom. This means two things: that we are going to shift from the times of material abundance to that of spiritual abundance and from the times of competition and conflicts to harmony. The fact that the magma of the Earth has entered the active stage, responding to the will of the sun has been guiding humans to harmony. When we face an environmentally severe era in the future, we will not be able to insist on our individual ego any more. And everyone will have to support each other to survive. In such an era, human physical desires will decrease and the world with spiritual abundance will be created. Only when people transcend their individual ego and human minds become harmonious will natural disasters settle on Earth. In such a meaning, all the phenomena are the messages from the universe to all humans.

On top of that, according to the ancient Chinese calendar, we have entered the era of people called, “the White Light Period”, going through the Blue and Red Light Period. This means that we have reached the stage where each person will become aware of the truth from the stage where saints led people. In such a world, every single person is Buddha and Christ. It is the figure of humans expressed in the 21st century. Therefore, if we have a broad worldview, our ego will disappear and each one of us will be able to become a precious existence to live for this world.

We have already entered the stage when each person becomes aware of the truth from the universal viewpoint. Therefore, many people have started to question the traditional values. Values of a new era are required. However, these will not be brought by traditional education. Still more, these are not what we can achieve by traditional revolutions. These emerge automatically in the transition of the times. Therefore, we should sense the change of the times, and shift and show the thinking and living appropriate to a new era.

The individual spiritual revolution changes the country and eventually the world in the next era. Strong power is unnecessary for this revolution. This is the revolution by people with a firm will. Changing yourself is the beginning of changing the world. That is the universal will and the expression of the cycle of the times. Therefore, all the events that occur at the individual, national and global level are also the universal will, the flow of the times and the mission given to us. The perspective needed to read the times in that manner is possible by freeing ourselves from our individual egos and having a broad worldview. Although humans are in a physically small container of the body, we are able to reach a level of consciousness where, ultimately, the whole universe is ourselves. That is to “remove (Tori in Japanese) the differences (Sa in Japanese)” between everything else and ourselves. That is called “Enlightenment (Satori in Japanese).” The status is based on the absolute goodwill, love and harmony and the boundary between everything else and ourselves will naturally disappear.

Humans are going to reach that conscious level within the 21st century. The next 1,000 years is a transitional period from the times to pursue material wealth to the times to tap the hidden abilities inside us. It is the 90% of the human brain that is yet unused which is responsible for that. If the untapped ability sleeping inside of us blossoms, the intuition to sense the universal will and the flow of the times will work and it will enable us to understand the universe without leaving the Earth. The possibility of technology to explore the universe will expand greatly then. We are able to evolve with high spirituality in addition to modern technology and material wealth as those who live in a new era.

The 21st century is the beginning of the times when we humans have consciousness as an Earth being and as a universal being to contribute to this world. Now, we are facing the turning point at which we will either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings or we will create a new era. When humans express the spirituality that the next era indicates, peace will prevail on Earth.