What is “Kunitsukuri”?

According to Katakamuna, Kuni in Kunitsukuri means “a specific area where something acts freely,” or “freedom has settled.” It indicates the phenomenal world, especially the “Earth” where living beings act freely in this vast three dimensional universe. Next, tsukuri means to create in Japanese. Therefore, Kunitsukuri is to create the Earth: complete the global ecosystem.

“Freedom” here does not mean that each existence lives its own way based on its own standards. It is to become aware of the universal consciousness, live under an “order” of collaboration with each other, and express life freely. Order is the universal law and the flow of time going from past to future to become a pillar (a vertical line.) If each one of us shows individuality fully under such an order, a beautiful world of a global ecosystem (a horizontal line) will naturally appear like a beautiful symphony.

Now the life network, except for humans, has existed in this order. However, only when humans join this network, Kunitsukuri will be completed. If we compare the history of Earth’s creation, which is the process of Kunitsukuri, to one year, humans were born just at 11:37 pm on this New Year’s Eve! It took 4 billion years to establish the foundation of the Earth and 600 million years to create the global life network. And humans appeared at the last moment, with the ability to be able to destroy instantly the life network which has been established over 4.6 billion years ago. Will we humans become aware of the truth or proceed as cancerous cells on Earth, which will destroy ourselves finally? Each one of us is facing a critical turning point.

Unfortunately, most people do not have consciousness of Kunitsukuri. Rather than that, they destroy the life network like cancerous cells on Earth and they are actually not aware of it.

However, from a broad worldview, such a current situation is also a part of the process for Kunitsukuri. In order to face a new era from the current one with these various issues, each one of us needs to transcend our traditional values, become aware of the consciousness of Kunitsukuri, and collaborate with each other. This is exactly the potential of Kunitsukuri.

Kunitsukuri is not done only by great saints, politicians and leaders. Just as about 60 trillion cells consist of our body, each one must get out of our current narrow values, collaborate with each other as cells of the Earth in the global life network, and create a world of harmony.

If each one of us becomes aware of that, the time will arrive when every single person’s personality truly blooms. This is exactly Kunitsukuri, and the door of the era already opened.