Live the “Wotona Summit Declaration”

The door of the era has already opened: The Closing Speech by Isadon

Thank you for the last three days everyone. Considering our current status of mind where clouds are drifting, I feel like a ray of light has started to shine. We wake up every morning, do some activities, and go to bed at night. Is what is happening now real, and is what we realize true? When we fall asleep, we dream. Besides that dream, we also have a dream in our mind. In addition, when we live, we also have the stage before we were born and after we die. Then, is the current world that we recognize true? Is the world before and after that true? We need to consider these things carefully. This is all of our world: the world when we are awake and asleep, before we were born, when we are alive, and after we die, and the world that we can recognize and even cannot recognize.

If we open our heart and put our consciousness outward, we are able to recognize a bigger and boarder world. And we are able to exist and make the most of ourselves in such a bigger and broader world. In order to do so, first, it is important to make our small selves healthy. Confusion in the current society teaches us such a thing.

Please look at this slide. A big pillar comes down in the center. This is the law penetrating in the universe, the flow of the era and the pillar of this world. Colorful circles around it is each one of us. If each one of us connects with the divine, the law of this world comes down there. We all live together in the community of the life ecosystem called the Earth. Therefore, if each one of us connects with the divine, a big pillar comes down in the community of the Earth, and order is maintained in our world.

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The Earth Summit that has been held nine times is still a small movement physically, but the era needs such a movement like this. And the door of the era has already opened. We do not exist only in the world that we can recognize. Therefore, we need to express the value beyond that. The current people might not understand this easily, but the era is shifting toward such a direction and such a time that will arrive for sure. If each one of us lives a life to contribute thusly, our life will become truly abundant and joyful. Now, wonderful children with souls to create a new era were born on Earth. Let’s continue to do important activities to connect to these new souls in the future. Thank you for everything.